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Is ABN RK Suffering From 'Yellowphiliabluephobia'?

Is ABN RK Suffering From 'Yellowphiliabluephobia'?

When the PRC issue was burning in the state, he said that the government was showing its tyranny on the Employees. When the issue got settled and the employees expressed their happiness he said that the Teachers Union members are fuming with anger for the outcome.

We are talking about Radha Krishna of ABN who always wants to see unrest in YS Jagan Mohan Reddy's rule. He never wants peace. If there is peace in YS Jagan's rule, his heart breaks into pieces.

He writes in his editorial that the employees are showing their rage on their leaders for settling the scores with the government. He feels that the employees are feeling that they got betrayed.

No one knows what is happening to him. He only wants to see a quarrel between the government and the rest of the sectors in society.

ABN propagated that Amaravathi farmers were betrayed by the government. But the result of local elections in Amaravathi region was a shock to him. Similarly , the issue of temple attacks was also projected in a very big way to keep the YSRCP government in bad light.

The subsequent election results in the entire state was a slap on the face of this daily. Interestingly, there have been no temple attacks after that.

Should the people suspect that TDP and his allies in the media planted those attacks to push on the government? Otherwise why would they stop after the election results?

The state of AP seems to be in disharmony only in Andhra Jyothy daily but nowhere else.

Whatever be the mudslinging that happens in this daily in the name of journalism, it has been digging a deep pit to TDP. 

No one knows if Radha Krishna gets the gyan in his lifetime. Right now it appears that he may be suffering from a serious mental ailment called 'Yellowphiliabluephobia'. Don't ask the meaning. Sane minds can understand.

Kiran Sharma


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