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Greatandhra.com is based in California, USA and started in 2002 as a web news portal. It has been expanding its wings to plethora of happenings in film, political and general world of AP in the years of passage. 

Greatandhra.com's independent editorial team and contributors stand on their own and over the years the site has won immense popularity with serious attention and regard of the people living in India and abroad. 

Greatandhra.com is swift in bringing the news close to public. The half an hourly updates in the portal is unique and special. Greatandhra.com is regarded as the fastest news body. The news provided from Andhra Pradesh is uploaded at the United States. 

Venkat Arikatla hold the responsibilities of greatandhra.com from California, USA. 

Chief Editor : Venkat Arikatla 

(Senior Journalist from a reputed News Daily- contributes Political News and Gossips)

Vakkantham Chandramouli (Astrologer-contributes subjective articles and Astrological advises to readers)

Ganesh Ravuri Film Reviews

Usha Choudary (Occasional writer-contributes Special Articles on Films and Life Style)

MBSK Prasad (Freelance writer-contributes Telugu and English Columns on Films and Politics)

Nagender (Freelance journalist- contributes Telugu political items)

Satish Chandar (Independent editor, a trendsetting poet and an inimitable satirist)

Vedula Murthy (Sr Film Journalist)

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