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    Buzz: Hero Angry With Director's Broker Act
    Recommendations do happen in the film industry. Many projects materialize with the initiation and recommendation of someone to someone else.
    Buzz: Prabhas Is In The Process Of Burning
    Prabhas is a handsome hero but his body has a tendency to gain weight. He needs to maintain a strict lifestyle to make himself look fit and handsome.
    Akhil Akkineni's 'Agent' In Confusion
    Akhil Akkineni's career has been on the rocks since the beginning. Nothing has been smooth so far though he could score pass marks with 'Most Eligible Bachelor'.
    Buzz: Mahesh Babu Insults Harish Shankar?
    Mahesh Babu is known for his sense of humor and pulling the leg of people around in the shooting sets and parties.
    Buzz: Hero Hiked Up His Remuneration Again
    A senior hero is known for hiking up the remuneration with every new film irrespective of his track record.
    Buzz: Tollywood Director 'Drinks' Till 2 AM
    The statutory warning regarding the consumption of alcohol is confined only to movie theaters. But it has nothing to do with the personal habits of many film folks.
    'Acharya' On The Way Of Settlement
    Director Koratala Shiva shouldered the entire responsibility of 'Acharya' business as per the agreement made with producer Niranjan Reddy. Greatandhra shared this fact a long time back.
    Koratala to Repay the Losses to Distributors
    Acharya has ended up a disaster. The distributors will be losing more than 60 percent on their investments.
    Buzz: Actress Demands Rs 20 Lakh Extra Payment
    She tried to gain craze as a heroine but unknowingly became a character artiste. Though she acted in lead roles now and then, couldn't get the craze she expected.
    Secret Reason Behind Targeting Koratala
    Koratala Shiva is getting targeted right from the release of 'Acharya'. It is true that the film has a lot of problems as the fans also couldn't connect.
    Buzz: Senior Hero's Problem with Young Heroine
    Known for his energetic acts on and off-screen, this senior actor has been worrying about his looks. He has been pairing up with upcoming young actresses.
    Buzz: Directors Sulking as Hero Calls the Shots!
    He is not a big star but has gained a name of his own. The actor is known for his fit body and he loves to showcase his six-pack abs at a drop of a hat.
    Buzz: Rajamouli's Acts Ignite Anger
    NTR fans are not happy with Rajamouli after RRR. Though Rajamouli is known for boosting up NTR's career with the films like Student No 1, Simhadri and Yamagola the pan India venture RRR downsized him as per his fans.
    Hero And Director Distanced Thaman?
    Thaman is the most wanted music director in Tollywood. Everybody is running behind him.
    Actor Slows Down in Personal Matter!
    It's no secret that they have been dating for a long time. The tall and handsome actor and petite beauty are in a serious relationship.
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