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    Is She Following Samantha In Divorce?
    She works as a part-time heroine, and despite not being as popular as mainstream heroines, she has a considerable following.
    Pawan Kalyan Angry With Harish Shankar's Act
    Yesterday, Minister Mallareddy made a shocking revelation that director Harish Shankar approached him to play the villain in Pawan Kalyan's film.
    Pawan Kalyan: No Politics This Summer?
    We can safely conclude that Pawan Kalyan is taking a long break from political activity based on how he is allocating his time for filming.
    New Gossip On Another Couple's Divorce
    Social networking sites are playing a vital role in exposing the marital relations either right or wrong.
    Secret Behind Rajamouli's Rs 25 Cr Oscar Share
    India has won an Oscar, and the Telugu film industry is brimming with pride as two film technicians have received the world's most prestigious award.
    Gossip: Another Divorce In Mega Family?
    It appears that a certain curse is plaguing the Mega family, as marriages seem to be short-lived.
    Is NTR Lagging Behind All Top Heroes?
    Every top hero requires a trusty sidekick to manage their affairs, maintain their reputation, and ensure everything runs smoothly.
    Rs 1.5 Cr For Vaishnav Tej's Villain?
    The news of Joju George joining the cast of the upcoming Sitara banner film has created a buzz among film enthusiasts.
    Rajamouli And Co Spent US$ 25000 Per Ticket?
    How it sounds to watch an event related to the own film by buying tickets? It never happen in India but the scene is completely different in Oscars.
    Tamannah Gave Big Shock To Producer?
    Nayanthara is the only female actor well-remembered for her performances in female-oriented movies.
    Something's Wrong Between Ram Charan And NTR?
    According to sources, there are strains in the relationship between NTR and Ram Charan.
    Gossip: Hero Kept The Director Away
    Generally, at the beginning of a movie, some actors and directors seem friendly, but by the end, conflicts can arise.
    Gossip: One Hero Making His Fortune With Two Dupes
    The shot of the hero landing on the ground would then be filmed separately and edited together with the jump shot.
    Viral talk: Balakrishna's Ill Treatment To Jr NTR
    The passing of Tarakaratna has brought several unresolved issues within the Nandamuri family to light.
    Is Danayya Not The Producer Of RRR?
    Shobhu Yarlagadda, the producer of Baahubali, continues to stand by Rajamouli's side even during RRR events abroad.
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