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    Director, Star Go Into Hibernation
    A string of hits creates a world of its own. It's when one is on a high and is seldom in touch with reality. However, one huge flop brings the whole world down for top-ranking stars and star directors.
    Dil Raju To Stay Away From Superstars!
    Dil Raju is not a happy man lately as Agnyaathavaasi ended up as a huge flop in Nizam. Dil Raju bought the distribution rights of Agnyaathavaasi for Rs. 29 crore and has reportedly paid Rs. 26 crore to the producer.
    Another Headache For the Makers of Agnyaathavaasi!
    As if the disastrous box office outcome isnít enough, the makers of Agnyaathavaasi are looking at legal trouble because of the plagiarism issues.
    Katthi Mahesh Sending Lewd Messages to Girls?
    The controversial critic Katthi Mahesh who is in the news after his acerbic comments against Powerstar Pawan Kalyan has now turned back foot when a producer exposed his shady behaviour.
    Dil Raju May Get Some Relief
    Producer Dil Raju who distributed 'Agnyaathavaasi' in Nizam area is losing nearly Rs 15 Cr on his investment on the film. His will be the biggest loser as he is the single distributor in this market.
    Anushka's Weight Loss: No Difference
    Realistic portrayal of her on-screen character has come with a price for Anushka. Having put on weight for her film Size Zero, she is now struggling to shed off the extra flab. For almost six months now, Anushka has been consciously staying away from the camera.
    Pawan Fans Did More Damage to Agnyaathavaasi
    Fans usually defend any work of their favorite actors. They try to keep the buzz positive even for the flop films of their matinee idols. However, there would be rare instances where even fans are totally miffed at the film featuring their favorite star.
    Buzz: Balakrishna To Produce Boyapati's Film?
    If the buzz from film circles is to be believed, Balakrishnaís future project with Boyapati Srinu will be produced by the actor-politician himself.
    What Next Mr Pawan Kalyan?
    Year 2014. Pawan Kalyan was at the pinnacle of popularity thanks to the emotionally charged environment in Andhra post-bifurcation. Cut to 2018. Pawan Kalyan has lost all craze both in the political field and movie industry.
    Agnyaathavaasi Effect On Mahesh Babu's Film?
    Trade is shell shocked with the disastrous performance of the most anticipated Agnyaathavaasi.
    Buzz: Trivikram Reworking On NTR28 Script?
    Star director Trivikram got a huge jolt with the failure of Agnyaathavaasi. The failure has done more damage to Trivikramís brand value more than anybody.
    How Agynaatavassi's Editing Went Haywire
    For the film Agynaathavaasi, Trivikram Srinivas had shoot footage of a whopping 4 hours and the plan was to edit the best parts for premium output.
    Exclusive: Rs 90 Lakh For His Costumes Alone
    Normally, what do we call a small film? Any movie made on a budget of, say Rs 50 lakhs to Rs 2 crore? Anything from perhaps, Rs 50 lakh to Rs 2 crore?
    Buzz: Agnyaathavaasi Settlements Soon
    Disasters are not new to film industry. There have been number of instances where the buyers and distributors have faced huge losses thanks to over expectations.
    Exclusive: All Rise For Trivikram
    An interesting thing about Trivikram Srinivas was revealed recently when a director went to the office of Haarika and Hassine Creations to meet the producer.
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