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Opinion: Chandrababu's Mindless Talk On Festival Day

Opinion: Chandrababu's Mindless Talk On Festival Day

Chandrababu Naidu is not making any effort to hide his madness. 

As per the yellow media reports, on the occasion of Bhogi, he says that he doesn't understand what mistake he made. 

He says "I developed the state a lot and if the people consider that as my mistake, I apologize".

People know who developed who. 

He also says, "People believed in YS Jagan's dramas and voted with hysteria. Jagan is drinking the blood of the poor people. He is putting electricity meters to agriculture. They should be installed at Ministers' place". 

What is that he wants to convey? When the poor people are happy with government schemes like "Amma Vodi", how can CBN say that the CM is drinking the blood of the poor? This mindless talk is digging a deep pit for TDP. Already the Christians distanced him followed by his similar mindless talk. But still he is not tracking his path. 

Every poor man in AP knows that YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is working only towards the implementation of Navaratnalu schemes including 'Raitu Bharosa", "108 and 104", "illa pattaalu",  'Amma Vodi" etc.

Why can't CBN understand that people can clearly make out that he is saying blatant lies!

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