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Naidu shows his 'true colours' again in Chidambaram arrest episode!

Naidu shows his 'true colours' again in Chidambaram arrest episode!

TDP chief and former Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu showed yet again that when it comes to 'political opportunism' no one can beat him in the country.

During recent elections, Naidu toured almost all the states to forge a 'national front' with all non-BJP parties and dethrone BJP from power at the Centre.

He even joined hands with Congress ignoring the fact that TDP itself was formed on the foundation of anti-Congress plank.

But his national front was crushed by BJP even before it took off.

During his meeting with leaders of national and regional parties, Naidu's main agenda was accusing BJP of using agencies like CBI, ED against political opponents and all non-BJP parties should come together and strongly fight against this.

However, elections are over now. Let alone dethroning BJP at the Centre, Naidu himself lost his CM's chair in AP and became 'politically unemployed".

CBI arresting former union finance minister and senior Congress leader Chidambaram's on Wednesday heated up political atmosphere in the country yet again.

But Naidu, who considers himself as the crusader against Centre using CBI, ED against political opponents is nowhere to be seen.

Naidu turned completely mum on this issue. While other leaders like Mamata Banerjee, MK Stalin, Sitaram Yechury etc openly lashed out at Modi and Amit Shah and came in support of Chidambaram, Naidu fled away from the scene. 

Congress too was expecting Naidu to come in support of Chidambaram in these difficult times. But Naidu suddenly became inaccessible to all.

This proved beyond doubt that Naidu's talk of Opposition unity prior to polls was only 'political opportunism' and nothing else. Since Modi came to power again, Naidu seems to have decided to shut his mouth and don't take any chances with Modi by supporting Chidambaram.

Naidu lost his credibility long ago with his 'opportunistic politics' and whatever little credibility was left due to his efforts in uniting anti-BJP parties before recent general elections, was also lost due to Chidambaram episode.

Who will believe Naidu, if he again comes out with new dramas in future?



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