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Curbs On His Family, Mudragada Nails Naidu

Curbs On His Family, Mudragada Nails Naidu

A day after TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu made hue and cry over the police restrictions on the farmers, the women and the TDP leaders across the State, former minister and Kapu leader Mudragada Padmanabham wrote an open letter to the TDP chief on Monday.

Mudragada Padmanabham, who was detained several times and was put under house arrest in Kirlampudi for months together during the TDP regime, hit hard at Naidu.

He sought to remind the TDP chief of the curbs imposed on him and his family members during the last five years.

He also recalled how police have gained entry into his house, manhandled his wife and daughter-in-law at the insistence of Chandrababu Naidu.

He said he tried to remind the TDP chief of the party election promise of giving reservations to the Kapus but was detained and harassed.  

He questioned the TDP chief about the heavy police force deployed in Kirlampudi village and all over the Godavari district, restricting the movement of the Kapus. The Kapus were curbed, suppressed and victimized in the last five years, he said.

He said that Chandrabababu Naidu had misused the police during the last five years. The police force was given more teeth and the Kapu activists were targeted and victimized. Further the TDP government had directed the media not to highlight the Kapu movement and thus the Kapus were suppressed. 

He also recalled that Chandrababu Naidu had used even the intelligence officials to spread false reports against the Kapu movement.

“I was accused of collecting donations from the people. A false campaign was carried out to distance the Kapu youth from me,” Padmanabham alleged. 

Padmanabham said that it was time for Naidu to retire from public life and take rest. He wondered why Chandrababu Naidu was begging on the streets! The people of Telangana were first relieved of Naidu’s dictatorship and now the AP people were relieved.

“It is good for the people. It is also time for you to stop these dramas and give some relief to the people,” the Kapu leader said in his letter.

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