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Andhra Pradesh pushed into debt trap: Jaya Prada

Andhra Pradesh pushed into debt trap: Jaya Prada

Actor-politician Jaya Prada on Tuesday alleged that Andhra Pradesh has been pushed into debt trap.

She described Andhra Pradesh as 'Appula (debts) Pradesh', and said BJP was working to turn it into 'Swarna (golden) Andhra Pradesh'.

The former MP was addressing a public meeting titled 'Godavari Garjana' along with BJP national president J.P. Nadda and other leaders.

Jaya Prada, who recently stated that she wants to enter politics in Telugu states, pointed out that Andhra Pradesh's debts have mounted to Rs 7 lakh crore.

The actor told the gathering that while Rajahmundry is her 'Janmabhoomi', Uttar Pradesh became her 'Karmabhoomi'. The former MP of Samajwadi Party described Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh as her two eyes.

"For some reasons I had to leave my state and my people and I apologise to you for this," she said.

The former MP called on the BJP cadres to focus on booth management to strengthen the party and bring it to power so that it can turn its vision of golden Andhra Pradesh into a reality.

Jaya Prada said many governments came but the people's condition has not improved.

"The rich are becoming richer and the poor poorer. There is no one to take care of farmers and common man," she said.

She said that BJP under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was working to bring a change in the lives of people.

Stating that BJP is in power in 18 states, she said the BJP governments in these states were providing basic amenities to people and addressing their problems.

Jaya Prada voiced concern over growing number of rapes in both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

"The girls are not feeling safe to go out of their homes. The parents are worried till their daughters return home," she said.


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