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The Rajamouli-Prabhas Fall-Out?

The Rajamouli-Prabhas Fall-Out?

There are many prominent personalities in the Telugu film industry who are wondering why the Baahubali director Rajamouli has not acknowledged his blue-eyed boy Prabhas’ Saaho?

Rajamouli is known to be extremely encouraging even to films and actors who have no direct dealing with him.

The latest example being the Sudeep starrer Pehlwan which Rajamouli has tweeted about. But not a word about Saaho and Prabhas!

How come?

According to impeccably informed source Rajamouli, known to be a quiet uncomplaining kind of filmmaker, was none too pleased with what Prabhas was trying to do in Saaho.

“The whole point of doing an out-and-out killer-thriller antithetical in content, tone and mood to Baahubali was to prove that it was not only Rajamouli but also Prabhas who made Baahubali the historic hit it was. By signing a relatively new director (Sujeeth Reddy) and working shoulder to shoulder with the youngster, Prabhas hoped to recreate the Baahubali hysteria without Rajamouli thereby proving he was no flash-in-the-pan superstar. Sadly the effort not only backfired but it also alienated Rajamouli,” says an informed source.

Apparently Rajamouli is none too happy with Prabhas’ attempts at one-upmanship.

It is doubtful you will see the mild-mannered generous director praising his Baahubali hero, or for that matter signing him for one of his forthcoming ventures.

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