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Sujeeth Has Gone Off The Radar Since Saaho Release!

Sujeeth Has Gone Off The Radar Since Saaho Release!

Saaho hasn't got the warmest welcomes from the critics and audiences alike. However, that hasn't stopped the film from setting new records at the box office.

Saaho's beast mode at the box office is still on. A fantastic day four is on cards all over India, thanks to Ganesh Chaturthi festivities.

The director of Saaho is not seen anywhere since the theatrical release. Where is Sujeeth while his film is crushing box office records all over?

Buzz has it that the young director has gone off radar a day before the release of his film. According to rumors, Sujeeth left for Goa after watching Saaho final version in Qube.

He has reportedly switched off his phone and not in contact with anybody. Is he not able to take the post release pressure or is he feared of the criticism?

The young director has not delivered the goods for sure, but thankfully Prabhas's post Baahubali stardom is coming in handy for Saaho to make the most of long weekend at the box office.

Perhaps Sujeeth would come back once Saaho recovers most of its investment and when the fans calm down a bit.

After all, this industry is all about numbers and the young director wouldn't mind whichever way they come.

But given its high budget and jaw-dropping pre release business stats, Saaho still has a long way to go to enter the safe zone.

The real test for it will start tomorrow.


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