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Did Pooja Hegde make her relationship official?

Did Pooja Hegde make her relationship official?

Mumbai: Pooja Hegde has recently been in the spotlight due to rumors surrounding her relationship with Rohan Mehra, who is rumored to be the son of Vinod Mehra.

Speculation about their relationship began when the actress was spotted with Rohan Mehra, and it further intensified when they were seen together again, this time joining Pooja's parents for brunch in the city.

Adding fuel to the speculation, a paparazzi account shared a video of Pooja Hegde wearing a pink oversized tee with a smiley face in the center.

She paired her tee with flared jeans, subtle makeup, and a ponytail.

In the video, she and her parents were seen leaving a restaurant, posing graciously for the awaiting paparazzi.

Notably, the presence of Rohan Mehra, her rumored partner, who did not pose alongside them, further fueled the rumors.

Rohan was dressed in a white t-shirt with quirky graphics, paired with a stylish cap and beige joggers, enhancing his casual look.

Last month, a video surfaced online showing Pooja Hegde and Rohan Mehra enjoying a leisurely drive.

Pooja wore a denim shirt with a pink top, while Rohan looked smart in a black shirt. Their friendly banter and affectionate bond in the video became the talk of the town.

Additionally, she was once romantically linked to her "Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan" co-star, Salman Khan, which she dismissed with her characteristic wit.

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