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    Kathi uses caste card to target film industry!
    Film critic Kathi Mahesh is the hot news in the film and media circles these days. Reason is simple.
    Kathi poses 6 queries to Poonam: Any answers?
    Controversial film critic Kathi Mahesh, who has been targeting power star Pawan Kalyan in social media as well as electronic media, on Sunday turned his ire on actress Poonam Kaur, who took pot shots at the former for attacking her favourite actor, by posing six questions to her.
    Rs 125 Crore Target For Agnyathavaasi
    Agnyathavaasi is readying for release on January 10. After Baahubali 2, it is Agnyathavaasi that did maximum pre-release business.
    Teaser: 'Achari America Yatra' is fun filled joy ride!
    Teaser of ‘Achari America Yatra’ is out! The Vishnu Manchu starrer appears to be an action adventure comedy caper. Achari America Yatra is directed by G. Nageswar Reddy.
    Kalyan Ram's Teaser Attached to PK's Movie?
    Nandamuri Kalyan Ram is currently acting in two films. One is "MLA" that is being directed by newcomer Upendra.
    'Better To Make Baahubali Than Mahabharat'
    Saif Ali Khan’s Kaalkaandi has been one of those films of 2017 which have faced censor board’s wrath.
    pHOTo: Priyanka In A Stunning Pose
    If it seems as if you’re seeing Priyanka Chopra everywhere these days, you’re not imagining things.
    Trump Calls Himself 'Stable Genius'
    US President Donald Trump, in an extraordinary defence of his mental capacity and fitness for office, described himself on Saturday as a "genius", after a new book suggested that top White House aides feared he was unfit for the job.
    Reddy safe: Rahul drops plan to revamp PCCs!
    Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee president Capt N Uttam Kumar Reddy heaved a sigh of relief on Saturday evening.
    Teaser Talk: Identify Yourself
    Yet again, Sree Vishnu seems to have stroked right at youth audience. After successful Mental Madhilo, here comes Needi Naadi Oke Katha with a story that is commonly identified every next door where there is a young guy bad at academics.
    Agnyaathavaasi Trailer: Action, Comedy, Romance and PK
    Fans had to wait for many hours to see the trailer of Agnyaathavaasi as the makers took their own sweet time to launch it.
    Dil Raju To Produce Eight Films in 2018
    Producer Dil Raju had a fantastic year in 2017. Although he didn't succeed much as a distributor, as a producer he saw good profits with six films.
    Great News For Agnyaathavaasi Buyers in AP
    Andhra Pradesh Government granted permission to screen special shows for Agnyaathavaasi film across the state for complete week. Exhibitors can officially screen shows from 1 AM to 10 AM besides regular shows.
    Kamareddy killing: KTR puts up weak defence!
    The death of a village revenue assistant of Marthad village of Kamareddy district when he was allegedly mowed down a sand tractor has once again landed the Telangana Rasthra Samithi government in the most embarrassing situation once again.
    Kathi Going Overboard Against Pawan?
    Controversial film critic Kathi Mahesh is going a little overboard in taking on actor and Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan just for the sake of being in the news, if his latest comments and challenges are any indication.