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TDP Kammas Lost: Less Votes More Hungama

TDP Kammas Lost: Less Votes More Hungama

The Telangana Assembly election results are unfolding, and it is clear that the TDP Kammas, who created a stir in Gachibowli Stadium the other day in support of CBN, couldn't make any impact in bringing Congress to power in many places where settlers are more in number, including Gachibowli and Kukatpally. 

Making a significant noise and proclaiming their support for Congress, some even rallied in Congress campaigns holding TDP flags, much to the amusement of political analysts. However, BRS has dominated in the settlers' dominated regions leaving no room for Congress.

The Kammas, who sympathize with TDP, overestimated themselves and found themselves cornered by the overall settlers' community. They believed they had significant power and could influence all settlers according to their whims. However, the results indicate that not many are with them.

On the other hand, in Kukatpally, Janasena is in a precarious position. The media did not even bother to cover the presence of this party in eight constituencies on behalf of BJP, including Kukatpally. Despite the significant number of settlers in this region, they voted for BRS but did not show support for the Janasena candidate, even though Pawan Kalyan is an ally of TDP. 

This suggests that TDP Kammas lack the strength to influence politics significantly by any means. Their noise is felt only in social media but not in reality at all.


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