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Opinion: Jagan Making Lokesh Powerful

Opinion: Jagan Making Lokesh Powerful

The masses tend to be empathetic towards those who are perceived as vulnerable. People don't accept the mistreatment of the weak.

Previously, out of frustration with Jagan's unjust imprisonment, voters elected YCP. This ultimately led to Jagan becoming the Chief Minister due to his prolonged "Yatras" and the public's sympathy towards him. However, the present situation is different.

Lokesh is currently undertaking a "padayatra," but it hasn't generated the level of excitement that the TDP anticipated. There could be many reasons for this, including a lack of popularity for Lokesh, public disinterest in padayatras, or poor management by the TDP.

Despite this, pro-TDP media outlets are attempting to downplay the situation and create an illusion of support. As reported by Telugu local media, there is little public enthusiasm for Lokesh's yatra.

If this information is accurate, why then are police roadblocks being set up for a yatra with minimal attendance? Is it necessary to pull Lokesh's mic and pull his stool? If Lokesh speaks, will it have any real impact on YCP?

The more obstacles that are placed in his path, the stronger he becomes. By deploying police nearby, the government is seeking to maximize the problems for Lokesh. However, if Lokesh is ignored, his popularity will inevitably decline, and the people will eventually forget about his padayatra.

Jagan should learn lessons from history. Indira Gandhi, who defeated Raj Narayan (1971) by using the government force, was defeated by the same Raj Narayan in 1977.

Chandrababu, known as Chanikya, could not make his son a leader. Jagan seems to be doing what Babu can't do with unplanned actions.


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