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CBN Promoting 'Rajadhani Files' But No Response

CBN Promoting 'Rajadhani Files' But No Response

Chandrababu Naidu stooped to the level of using the filthy connotation like "kurchi madatapetti" yesterday, and today his son Lokesh also used the same. 

Not stopping there, Chandrababu is promoting the film "Rajadhani Files," stating, "Jagan made every effort to stop the screening of this movie, but the court has successfully checked his game plan and allowed its release."

It is not known why the YCP government has attempted to stop "Rajadhani Files" when its party leaders commented earlier that Lokesh was afraid of RGV's "Vyooham" and so attempted to stop it. The leaders in the government would have taken it light without making unncessary hungama. 

Moreover, the film "Rajadhani Files" has nothing to bother, as the audience is nil in theaters. The film has seen empty seats in several theaters in the Amaravati region itself, indicating that the voters are in no way getting sensitized with this film. This film is just one of the many unnoticed films in the annals of Telugu cinema.

But still, “The capital city has fallen victim to the conspiracies hatched by Jagan and the cruelty of the YSRCP. 'Rajadhani Files' projected the hardships faced by people who made many sacrifices for the capital city,” Naidu posted on ‘X’.

In actual sense, the film depicted the YCP MPs as rapists and murderers in a tacky manner than highlighting about the woes of farmers. 

The entire film gives a sense that the farmers are not worried about their fields and they don't demand for alternative agricultural fields either. All that the farmers in the film cry about is to make Amaravati the only capital of the state for real estate growth only in that region. What kind of sentiment is this?

If Chandrababu is promoting this film which carries no emotion and no basic common sense, then he would end up as a laughing stock. In the first place, it is to be known if Chandrababu watched the film or not.

Naidu also called upon the Telugus to watch the movie in theaters to know the ground reality. If they watch the reality shown in the film and really get connected, then it would boomerang in a big way for TDP. 

Had the film depicted the actual pain of the farmers that the world failed to see until now, then it would have been most talked about like "The Kashmir Files." But the film has shown nothing of that sort indicating that there is no actual emotional record of worries to depict even in reality.

Chandrababu can block the theaters and project them as housefuls in the entire state and make his party men sit and watch the film compulsorily if needed. But merely promoting the film and noticing no turnout of the audience would end up in shame.

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and YCP people didn't even bother about the biopic made on Jagan Mohan Reddy with the title "Yatra-2." But why Chandrababu is bothering about "Rajadhani Files" where his character is not at all shown is a big wonder which speaks low about his stature.

Another point is why this film was not released in the USA? There are many NRIs who support TDP and its cause. Why isn't there anybody to release it there? That itself says that nobody is interested in this film within close groups itself.

Madhunandan Akkishetty


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