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Why Vizag People Aren't Like Rayalaseema People?

Why Vizag People Aren't Like Rayalaseema People?

No citizen stands against his own development. The development of his area surely develops him by all means. 

If Vizag is made the executive capital of the state, it is sure to see huge growth in the real estate of the region. Vizag is already a developed city and it sees far better development if it becomes a capital. 

But surprisingly there seems to be not much support from Vizag people for this proposal. They are not fighting against the opposition party that is trying to stop Vizag being the capital.

On the other hand Rayalaseema people are agitating against the TDP that is trying to thwart the prospects of making Kurnool one of the three capitals of state. They are questioning the right of the TDP in stopping the region from getting developed.

When inquired it is revealed that the TDP Kammas in Vizag region indoctrinated the minds of the people stating that the government gets into kabzas if it is made a capital. Though it sounds illogical and legally impossible, the fear complex is pushed into the heads of people through some influencers.

The Vizag people need to understand how their region has been ruled by a single community for decades. They are now afraid that their grip on the region will be lost if the YSRCP government makes the place a capital. So, the TDP Kammas, for their own gain, send wrong feelers into the public. 

This should be an eye opener for the people of Vizag or else they miss the golden opportunity for generations down the line.


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