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Why Prashant Kishor Turned Against Jagan?

Why Prashant Kishor Turned Against Jagan?

It is known that Prashant Kishor who previously campaigned for Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy's victory in Andhra Pradesh in 2019, is now campaigning against him.

When probed in, it is said that he is doing so for his personal reasons.

Sources say that Prashant Kishor, who devised a strategy for Jagan in AP in 2019, had personal disputes with his partner Rishiraj Singh. Due to this, Prashant Kishor requested Jagan to distance himself from Rishiraj. 

However, Jagan chose not to intervene, citing the personal nature of their conflicts and the effectiveness of Rishiraj's advice.

Consequently, Prashant Kishor harbored anger against Jagan and began campaigning that Jagan would lose, regardless of someone asks him or not. 

Prashant Kishor's credibility has been tarnished since his departure from IPAC, and it's widely known that his predictions have been inaccurate. He predicted KCR's victory in Telangana but he lost.


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