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Meetings In Kamma Bhavan

Three years ago, 'Kamma Bhavan' was inaugurated in Anantpur by Kamma icon Murali Mohan.

Everyone assumed that this bhavan would be utilized for marriages and other functions of that community. But today, the Kamma Bhavan is the preferred choice of location for Kamma politicians in the district.

Out of 12 TDP MLA’s from the district, 5 of them are Kammas. And of the two nominated MLA’s from the ruling party, one of them is again a Kamma.

The TDP is a Kamma Party and especially in Anantpur, the factionism of Paritala Ravi ensured that it stayed that way.

Now, the TDP has a separate party office in the district. But the Kamma politicians are holding all meetings, press meets etc in Kamma Bhavan.

When asked about this, they said that they preferred Kamma Bhavan as the rent was cheap. When asked if the same courtesy would be extended to other MLA’s who were not from their caste, they left the venue smiling.

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