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Jagan keeps controversial MP at bay!

Jagan keeps controversial MP at bay!

Right from the day one of assuming power in Andhra Pradesh, YSR Congress party president and chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy has been telling his party leaders not to indulge in any corrupt practices, since it would bring a bad name to him and his government.

The message from Jagan was clear: “Enjoy the power, but don’t misuse power to make money through wrong means.”

And he has been keeping a tab on all his party leaders, including those who had been very close to him and if he gets any negative report about any party leader, he has been warning them and keeping them away from the power centre.

Yet, there have been instances of some YSRC leaders resorting to corrupt practices here and there to make quick bucks. Needless to say, they have been kept out of Jagan’s good books.

Take the case of a young MP of the party, who had been very close to Jagan in the initial days of the party coming to power. Such was the proximity he had enjoyed with the chief minister that he used to be present wherever Jagan was going – whether it was Delhi or any other major meeting.

But recently, Jagan came to know that this MP was misusing power to make big money and indulging in fighting with another party MLA in illegal sand mining. He quickly clipped all the wings of the MP and started keeping him at bay.

The MP is no more part of Jagan’s inner circle and is not being entertained in the CMO, say sources.

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