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Behind The Scene: Just Yellow

There is one news channel which also has a newspaper running for many years and is a die-hard supporter of TDP and Chandrababu.

Though the channel itself is not doing too great, there is one programme of the channel which is personally hosted by the MD of the channel himself which has made a mark for itself by interviewing prominent personalities from all walks of life.

However, what is lamentable is the fact that the MD is using this one channel to spew venom on all adversaries of the TDP, particularly the YSRCP.  

When Konda Surekha and her husband came out of YSRCP, the couple immediately featured in this programme and was thoroughly encouraged to spit fire against YS Jagan.

Now, when Raghurama Krishnam Raju has left the YSRCP, he is immediately hosted on the programme to deride Jagan.

The only thing that rankles observers is the fact, why TDP personalities such as Kodali Nani and others who have defected to the YSRCP are not hosted on the programme and allowed to reveal the true nature of the TDP?

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