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YSRC suspects foul play during counting!

YSRC suspects foul play during counting!

YSR Congress party might be looking confident in coming to power in the assembly elections in Andhra Pradesh, but it seems to have developed some doubts now.

It was evident from the letter written by YSR Congress party general secretary and MP V Vijay Sai Reddy to chief electoral officer G K Dwivedi on Tuesday, expressing apprehensions over the possibility of the TDP indulging in foul play during the counting process.

Sai Reddy suspected that the TDP might intentionally cause violence during the counting process and requested that the EC take the special measures over the arrangements for the counting and interference of the TDP counting agents.

“There is a possibility of the TDP creating disturbance during the orderly conduct of counting in the designated centers. We request you to take steps to thwart any untoward incidents during the counting process,” he said.

Sai Reddy said there was a possibility that the counting agents of the TDP might bring forged 17-C forms and start arguing with counting supervisors to delay the process. The EC should file criminal cases against the TDP agents who bring such forged forms.

He wanted that election observers be physically present as long as possible in the respective counting halls and be tough while dealing with such cases.

“It gives Returning Officers enough confidence to standup to the pressures of the ruling party. The counting agents’ scrutiny and approval may be got delayed deliberately in respect of YSRCP, so as to create panic among our agents.

“They may even reject few without giving opportunity to put in place substitutes. Clear instructions may be given to expedite that approval process to avoid the last minute hitches,” he said.



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