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Will Chandrababu Be Chanakya Or Spent Force?

Will Chandrababu Be Chanakya Or Spent Force?

This is about how Chandrababu Naidu has been using each and every party for his political endeavors. 

- As the elections are nearing, according to the news, he is seeking the support of an influential person from Congress party to arrange funds, as per the sources.

- It is known that he has been making efforts to attract the blessings of BJP. Now he is stepping towards becoming a member of that party's alliance to safeguard himself from any political perils in the coming five years.

- Then, he is using Communist party to do agitations by creating commotion. 

- Yes, he is also using Janasena for conducting meetings and mobilizing people. 

- Last but not least, he is also utilizing Sharmila with the expectation that the incumbent votes could be split.

In this way, Chandrababu is leaving no stone unturned and using all the weapons at his disposal.

If TDP wins in this election, then we can call Chandrababu the Chanakya of politics.

However, if the YCP emerges triumphant despite this maneuvering by Chandrababu, then it can be said that all these political games would prove obsolete and buryable. Chandrababu becomes a spent force in Indian polity.

We have to see what is in store.


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