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Why Nadigam Suresh Is Target For Protesters?

Why Nadigam Suresh Is Target For Protesters?

Bapatla MP Nandigam Suresh has been the target of the pro-Amaravati protesters in AP. He was targeted by the protesters three times so far at various places.

He was targeted twice in the Amaravati villages, including the latest one in the capital villages on Sunday. He was targeted earlier at Nandigama in Krishna district.

Besides others, including Pinnelli Ramakrishna Reddy and R K Roja, the protesters of Amaravati, most of them from TDP and Kamma community, are targeting the Bapatla MP. It looks like the target is intentional and not accidental.

In other cases when Ramakrishna Reddy and Roja were attacked by the protesters, it was accidental as the MLAs were spotted on the road. But, in the case of Suresh, the protesters seemed as if they were following him wherever he goes.

It is mostly because Suresh is from one of the capital villages and used to work in the fields of the Kamma landlords.

He was earlier targeted by them and the TDP government in a case related to fire accident in a banana field in 2015.

Suresh was arrested and shifted to several police stations in the area at the directions of the local Kamma leaders until the YSR Congress went to his rescue. Once in the YSR Congress, Suresh could not be reached and had grown to the level of becoming MP.

The boy who used to work in the fields and stand before them with folded hands for the day’s wages at the end of the work is now a MP and that bourgeoise landlords are unable to digest this growth.

The rumors are doing round that in the event of the YSR Congress going for tie-up with the BJP at the Centre, Suresh will be one of the Ministers.

The local landlords are unable to digest this growth which prompts them and the caste supported by the TDP to target Suresh wherever he goes. 

It is thus the jealousy of the landlords to see a worker from their fields growing bigger in politics and hence the targeted attacks!

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