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This is democracy, not royal rule, Mr Gajapathi Raju!

This is democracy, not royal rule, Mr Gajapathi Raju!

The alleged humiliation meted out to former Union minister and veteran Telugu Desam Party leader P Ashok Gajapathi Raju at the foundation stone laying ceremony of Ram temple at Ramatirtham in Vizianagaram district led to a war of words between the TDP and the YSRC leaders.

Ashok was fuming at the temple officials and the YSRC leaders for not including his name on the plaque unveiled during the foundation-stone laying ceremony of the new Ram temple. 

He tried to push down the plaque and the flexis, containing the names of ministers Botsa Satyanarayana and Vellampalli Srinivas, besides local YSRC leaders. This led to a clash as the officials and YSRC workers pushed him away.

Ashok alleged that he was not even allowed to break the coconut at the temple.

“Is it a government or circus company? It is a tradition that any temple ritual has to be done by the royal family of Vizianagaram. They have converted into a party affair,” he criticised.

However, Vellampalli and Botsa shot back at Ashok, after he left the place in a huff.

“The names of the plaque were finalised based on the protocol. Ashok doesn’t fit into the protocol. That is why his name is not there,” Vellampalli said.

He reminded Ashok that there is a democratic rule in the state and there is no scope for a royal rule.

“He is still considering himself as a king of Vizianagaram,” the minister criticised.

He said it was disgusting that Ashok, despite being the trustee of the temple, tried to stall the temple works.

“He has never done anything for the development of the temple. We shall take action against Ashok for calling the government a circus company,” Vellampalli added.


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