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Social Media War: Paid Vs Non-Paid Groups

Social Media War: Paid Vs Non-Paid Groups

There is now a war of words with smear campaigns and mudslinging between the paid and non-paid social media groups of YSCRP. 

Way back during and before the 2019 general elections, many social media warriors fought in support of YSRCP, but none of them received due recognition or consideration for any position once the party came to power. 

In fact, a few of them also went to jail during Chandrababu's regime. However, they still didn't receive recognition when YSRCP came to power. 

Moreover, the people who gained positions and recognition to run the social media were those who impressed the party chief with personal acquaintance. This angered the original warriors. Adding to this, they also believe that the present forces that are running paid social media are willfully suppressing them, fearing competition.

With this, the war started between the two groups of social media.

An old social media warrior says that there is a scene in Yatra-2 about how YS Jagan Mohan Reddy encouraged Nandigama Suresh politically, which is quite emotional, but such a personal touch would have come from YS Jagan for the social media warriors as well.

Thus, by giving high recognition to some and not considering others lead to this tumult. This is dangerous because at crucial times, both groups may become silent without helping the party.


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