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Should He or Should He Not?

Should He or Should He Not?

When Congressmen and TDP leaders defected to Jagan’s Party prior to bifurcation, he made them all resign and contest the elections again on YSRCP ticket. Thus, he maintained the standards of democracy.

But Chandrababu Naidu after becoming the Chief Minister in 2014 lured YSRCP legislators to his camp and even made them Ministers.

So, technically, while they continued to be in the YSRCP, they moved in the TDP although the people had voted for them because they were in YSRCP.

The Speaker at that time, Kodela Siva Prasada Rao did not act despite numerous representations from the YSRCP asking that the defectors be disqualified.

In 2019, the people of Andhra Pradesh have given YS Jagan, an overwhelming mandate, one which will probably stay the highest in the State’s history for decades to come.

However, during a heated debate in the Assembly, addressing Chandrababu Naidu, Jagan warned, “If I resort to Operation Akarsha now like you did, your Party will be wiped out from the face of Andhra Pradesh.”

Thus, Jagan made it clear that he would not resort to such tactics. But, the danger is now emanating from another source: BJP.

The saffron boys are determined to make their mark down South and follow ‘Chanakya neeti’ assiduously. For them, ‘ends justify the means’. This is in total contrast to what Gandhiji said that means should justify the ends.

The BJP will have absolutely no hesitation in admitting the TDP MLAs to their fold and the back channel negotiations are in full swing.

Already, the white collar criminals: Sujana Chowdary, CM Ramesh etc (respectable businessman according to Eenadu and Andhra Jyothi) have joined the BJP bandwagon.

It is now the turn of the TDP MLAs who will also find succor from Jagan’s retribution against them. If YS Jagan does not start ‘Operation Akarsha’, the BJP will reap the benefits. But it is not ethical, is it?

Well, Lord Rama and Krishna did not end injustice through negotiations, did they? In order to politically destroy an opponent like Chandrababu, the maxim of ‘means justify the ends’ should be followed.

The big question is: Does Jagan feel the same way about it?


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