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Indigestion Problem For TDP Social Media

Indigestion Problem For TDP Social Media

TDP's expertise in handling social media was well-known fact to the Telugu people till sometime back. Whenever they take up Goebbels propaganda, they will do it with perfect planning.

Whatever they propagate in social media, some people used to believe their claims. The situation has changed in recent times because YCP social media wing became stronger, and supporters increased for YCP on social media.

Moreover, the TV channels like TV9, 10TV and NTV have stopped supporting TDP due to management changes and other changed circumstances. TDP  supporters are unable to digest this fact. 

They are getting indigestion problems as CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy started getting a positive image among all sections of people.

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has received a huge appreciation for the grand relaunch of 108  & 104 vehicles yesterday.

The healthcare initiative brought him great publicity in the national media as well. These developments are turning out to be nightmares to the TDP supporters because they have never imagined the YCP Chief would get this kind of image in the country.  

Some of them tried to vent their frustration by trolling him, by making memes on him but they didn't get the desired response. 

In fact, some netizens started blasting them that there should be constructive criticism but they should not target a good initiative that can save a lot of people including the trollers and their families if they are in any health emergency.

Hope their hatred towards Jagan decreases and they understand this logic!

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