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ABN Radha Krishna shocked over Dasari Jai Ramesh joining YSRCP!

ABN Radha Krishna shocked over Dasari Jai Ramesh joining YSRCP!

ABN Andhra Jyothy MD Radha Krishna is learnt to be in a state of shock ever since industrialist Dasari Jai Ramesh has announced to join YSRCP three days ago.

This is because Dasari Jai Ramesh, who is the owner of Vijay Electricals, is a major shareholder in ABN Andhra Jyothy Group, with insiders pegging his stake at about 25 per cent.

Everyone knows ABN Radha Krishna is an arch rival of YSR and Jagan and a die hard fan and follower of TDP chief and AP CM N Chandrababu Naidu.

In line with this, ABN Radha krish'ans' strategy is always taking up anti-campaign against Jagan and YSRCP, while praising TDP and Chandrababu.

Radha Krishna is implementing this strategy even more aggressivley now since AP Asssembly elections are just two months away.

At this crucial juncture, one of his major promoter joining YSRCP has left Radha Krishna shell shocked. Because Dasari will not allow Radha Krishna to give negative coverage on YSRCP and Jagan, since he is a major promoter.

He may also bring pressure on Radha Krishna not to give positive publicity to Naidu like before.

With this, Radha Krishna is learnt to have caught between Dasari and Naidu and unable to take a decision on how to go about it.

This episode has left YSRCP leaders and cadre in a jubiliant mood because they could control Radha Krishna now  by wielding "Dasari weapon" against him.



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