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Prema Katha Chitram 2 Review: Totally Cheap

Prema Katha Chitram 2 Review: Totally Cheap

Movie: Prema Katha Chitram 2
Rating: 1/5
RPA Creations
Cast: Sumanth Ashwin, Nandita Swetha, Siddhi Idnani and others
Music: JB
Dialogues: Uppunuti Ganesh 
Cinematography: C. Ram Prasad
Producer: R. Sudarshan Reddy
Written and direction: Hari Kishan
Release date: April 06, 2019

“Prema Katha Chitram” was one of the smash hits in the horror comedy genre in Tollywood. The film’s sequel is here.

Let’s find out whether this sequel is worthy enough or not.

The film begins narrating what had happened in the first part. This sequel begins one year later with those incidents we had seen in the original.

Sudheer (Sumanth Ashwin) is a college student, his college mate (Siddhi Idani) likes him but he says that he is not in love with her and she is just a friend. To avoid facing her again, he heads to a farm house with his friend.

In the farm house, a girl (Nandita Swetha) scares them daily but they continue to stay there. Sudheer decides to stay put to know the truth. Rest of the movie is knowing who she is and what her story is.

Artistes’ Performances:
All the actors in the film are clueless what they are doing. For Sumanth Ashwin, this comes as another rude shock like some of his badly made recent movies. He keeps maintaining the confusing expression like a boy who missed his route to the main exit door in the play park. For the most part of the movie, he comes across as a mere spectator in the proceedings.

Siddhi has played typical lover’s role, nothing to talk about. It is a pity that a good actress like Nandita is made to portray this character that is more like a spoof of ghost.

Technical Excellence:
The film is made with cheap production values and low technical values. No technician has put in good work.

The less said about the director’s work the better.


Farting jokes
Immature direction
Cheap production

A film devoid of logic and story, “Prema Katha Chitram 2”, the sequel to super hit laugh riot “Prema Katha Chitram”, tests the patience soon after the initial setup. It begins on a dull note.

By end of the film, we get the feeling that we must have been cursed to watch this crap on Ugadi festival day.

Yes, you would end up as “pachchadi” by end of this movie’s screening. Such is the horrible and pathetic narration that we are subjected to.

Resorting to cheap theatrics to scare us, the new director Hari Kishan has made us watch a comedian farting, peeing and blabbering nonsense.

Sample one scene, you will understand the “standards” of this movie: To teach a lesson to the girl students who ragged him in the college, hero’s friend steps into the flat where the girls are staying and farts at each girl’s nose to scare them.

And the girls beg him not to spray it in front them like a room freshener. This is the comedy sequence! This comes at the very beginning. There are many such scenes later. He even farts when a “ghost” tries to scare him and wonders whether ghosts also smell bad odour. Yes, like the scenes, the movie is made with a bad taste.

You get tired of watching these awfully shot scenes even in the second half. This sequel is a huge disservice to the first part which was total laugh riot, with Saptagiri and Nandita’s track making everyone hilarious.

The so-called comedy here gives horrifying experience. A director and writer’s failure this is.

Bottom-line: Horrible!


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