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'Darshakudu' Review: Directionless

'Darshakudu' Review: Directionless

Movie: Darshakudu
Rating: 2/5 
BTRN Creations and Sukumar Writings
Cast: Ashok, Isha, Poojitha, Noel, Sudarshan, Naveen and others
Music: Sai Karthik
Cinematography: Praveen Anumolu
Editor: Naveen Nooli
Producers: Vijay Kumar, Thomas Reddy, Ravichandra
Directed by: Hariprasad Jakka
Release date: Aug 04, 2017

Director Sukumar has been producing movies on "Sukumar Writings" banner. He successfully produced "Kumari 21F" that was a huge hit and also won him name as a good producer. Now he presents "Darshakudu" that stars newcomer Ashok as hero. Ashok is his nephew. 

Let's see whether he has given best for his nephew as a producer?

Mahesh (Ashok) gets ca hance to direct a film but the producer is not satisfied with the romantic track in his script. To get authentic moments for his debut film, Mahesh decides to fall in love with a girl and get inspiration for his movie.

He falls in love with a costume designer Namratha (Eesha Rebba), but his real life story gets complicated now. How will this wannabe director complete his movie?

Artistes' Performances:
Newcomer Ashok lacks looks as well as acting skills. He is mostly rigid in key sequences. Eesha tries to save the film as she has given her best. She also looks beautiful. The movie belongs to her. Sudarshan has tried to generate laughs. Poojitha is okay

Technical Excellence:
Cinematography lacks finesse. Music by Sai Karthik is adequate, enough for this subject. Production values are decent. But editing is bad and the film falls flat.


Boring scenes post interval
Silly climax scenes
Lack of depth in the story

Sukumar has a peculiar way of writing screenplay, though only few people like him. But he has got name for his different concepts and screenplay writing. This was reflected in "Kumari 21F", though he just produced the film.

But in the case of "Darshakudu", there seems to be no involvement at all except that his name has been used for the promotions. The movie's direction and narration is a complete mess.

On paper, the movie's premise is exciting. To get inspiration to write beautiful love moments for his debut movie, a director deciding to fall in love and copy the same is good material to weave an interesting story.

But such concepts also need exciting narration and also beautiful moments. Once the point is established that he is falling in love with the girl for his movie, the movie goes off track and it never comes back.

This is a classic example of how an inexperienced director can botch up an interesting concept. Like the hero in the movie, the new director Hari Prasad Jakka is clearly clueless about narrating this single point story till the end.

After the initial fun moments, it turns a tedious watch and goes on and on without any exciting sequences.

The second half of the film gives us headache.

On the whole, there is no touch of Sukumar in this film. Also, "Darshakudu" has no romantic moments to enjoy. Although the initial scenes are appreciable, it turns into mediocre affair later and gives a tiresome experience.

Bottom-line: Weak Director!



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