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'47 Days' Movie Review: Unexciting Thriller

'47 Days' Movie Review: Unexciting Thriller

Movie: 47 Days
Rating: 2/5
Satya Dev, Pooja Jhaveri, Roshni Prakash, Srikanth Iyengar, Ravi Varma, and others
Cinematography: GK
Music: Raghu Kunche
Editor: SR Sekhar
Written and directed by Pradeep Maddali
Release Date: 30 June 2020
OTT Platform: ZEE5 Telugu

Satya Dev’s “47 Days” is the latest small-budgeted Telugu film that skipped the theatrical release during this corona crisis. The film is now streaming on Zee5.

Let’s analyze.

Satya (Satya Dev), an ACP in Vizag, has been dying to find out the truth behind his wife Paddu’s (Roshini Prakash) death.

Why did she commit suicide is an answer he needs to know, or he would spiral into an emotional morass.

Months later, another suicide case of a businessman, which is handled by his friend Ravi (Ravi Varma), makes him believe that the two cases might be interconnected.

A mysterious girl Juliet (Pooja Jhaveri) is also involved in this? What is the connection between these cases? 

Artistes’ Performances:
Satya Dev who has proven his versatility in films like ‘Brochevarevarura’ and ‘iSmart Shankar’ has once again put in sincere efforts but somehow he doesn’t fit for this role. Still, he has tried hard to make it convincing.

Pooja Jhaveri as the mysterious girl and Rohini Prakash as Satya Dev’s wife are just okay, nothing much to write about them.

Srikanth Aiyengar grabs the opportunity to steal the show with both hands. 

Technical Excellence:
Raghu Kunche’s songs are not worth listening but the BGM saves the day. GK captures the Vizag locations beautifully. 

Initial Set Up

Weak screenplay
Dull narration
Unexciting performances
Unconvincing Twist

New director Pradeep Madalli must have inspired by the plot of Swedish thriller “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” but he feared to lift the story as is.

In an attempt to make the story look like the original, the director wrapped it up with standard elements that we see in Hollywood movies.

Thus the most engaging and intriguing aspects of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” has got diluted and thereby it ends up as a boring thriller.

To be fair to the young director, he has managed to build the suspense element in the second act with the appearance of a mysterious girl, and a photograph of schoolmates (similar to that of ‘Dragon Tatto). The interval bang is also a nice build-up. 

Despite these sporadic interesting episodes, the film never completely draws us into the story mainly due to the drab screenplay. As said above, the plot itself is weak. 

The director never seemed to have a grip on the narration. Plus, many sequences have amateurish handling.

Example: The Darga shootout, the apartment general secretary behavior with the police officer, and the oil-selling guy’s characterization (this is also a copy). The film tests our patience after the interval bang.

Even the technique of narrating the movie with the countdown of days has failed to interest us. The last revelation also looks ridiculous.

Despite the presence of two heroines, the film also lacks the glamor quotient.

“47 Days” is another OTT release that makes a tedious watch. Thrillers need to have a twist that surprises the audiences, or convincing and also engaging narration. But lately, the thrillers are failing on those counts and “47 Days” is another addition.

Bottom-line: Dull and Boring

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