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Viral: Samantha Ruth Prabhu In Hospital?

Viral: Samantha Ruth Prabhu In Hospital?

Samantha Ruth Prabhu disclosed that she is currently hospitalized and receiving medical treatment as part of her ongoing battle with Myositis.

A viral photo shared by the actress on her Instagram Stories depicted her resting in a hospital bed with intravenous drips attached to her hand.

In the post, she elaborated on the benefits she is receiving from the prescribed medication.

Taking a hiatus from acting for several months, Samantha has been focusing on her well-being and engaging in travel.

During her break, she participated in a meditation retreat in Coimbatore and later visited Bali with a friend before heading to the US.

Samantha first revealed her struggle with Myositis last year, a condition categorized as an autoimmune disease. She has been undergoing treatment since then.


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