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Viral Pic: Why Ritu Varma In Mega Family Picture?

Viral Pic: Why Ritu Varma In Mega Family Picture?

Until recent past Lavanya Tripathi had long stood out as an odd addition in Mega Family pictures for quite some time, prompting inquiries about her presence. 

Eventually, the revelation of Varun Tej and Lavanya's romance surfaced, leading the tale towards the path of matrimony.

The proposed marriage of this couple has been marked by a series of celebrity gatherings, with snapshots of these events surfacing on social media through some family members.

Today, Allu Sirish unveiled some photographs, featuring three individuals unrelated to the Mega Family. Among them were the Nithin and his wife. In fact Nithin's family was invited by Varun Tej out of friendship. 

However, questions arose concerning the attendance of the third person Ritu Verma. Speculations mounted among netizens upon her presence. 

Currently uninvolved in any projects with a Mega Hero, many surprise why Ritu Varma is present in this high profile get together. 

It appears she shares a close bond with one of the mega family members, justifying her presence at the function.

On the other hand, there is also a talk that she is a close friend of Lavanya Tripathi and that is the reason for her presence. 

Whatever it is, this picture gained social media attention freshly.

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