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Top 5: Brand Prabhas Takes Box Office By Storm

Top 5: Brand Prabhas Takes Box Office By Storm

1) Saaho: Prabhas has taken Indian box office by storm with his action tentpole Saaho. The film has not lived up to expectations in terms of content, but that hasn't stopped Prabhas from setting the box office on fire.

Saaho's performance in Hindi circuits has been exceptional in particular. It has netted Rs. 80 Cr in three days in Hindi alone thus making it one of the biggest opening movies of the year.

Saaho has been sensational in Nizam, Nellore and a few other areas while it's performance in AP and overseas is sub par so far.

2) Evaru: This crime thriller has emerged as the highest grossing movie in Adivi Sesh's career surpassing Gooda hari. It is the only clean hit among August releases bringing profits to all parties.

3) Kausalya Krishnamurthi: This sports drama has been a let down and is currently running in only a handful of screens across Telugu States. 

4) Mission Mangal: Akshay Kumar's Mission Mangal has turned out to the second highest grossing movies in the actor's career.

Akshaya has been super consistent with his choice of films that are getting superb response from ticket paying public.

5) Rakshasudu: Bellamkonda Srinivas gets some relief with Rakshasudu that went on to be a decent hit at the ticket windows.

The film is still running in a few screens in Telugu States.



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