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Sujeeth's Silly Explanation about Largo Winch

Sujeeth's Silly Explanation about Largo Winch

“Saaho” is a blatant copy of the French thriller “Largo Winch”, which also was the basis for Trivikram’s “Agnyaathavasi”.

Trivikram had faced a lot of flak for copying this and the original French director even threatened to take the legal course.

Now, the basic plot of “Saaho” is the same. But director Sujeeth is telling lies. He had denied copying the French thriller by saying that he didn’t watch it all.  

On one hand, he says didn’t watch “Largo Winch” and in the same breath, he explains that the screenplay of “Saaho” is different from the French drama. This explains he is shamelessly telling lies. 

Moreover, his explanation that the structure of both movies is different reiterates that he got the inspiration from that French thriller.

By the time “Agnyaathavaasi” got released, Sujeeth had finished the shoot of “Saaho” about 50%. 

Insiders say it was then that the makers have changed the second half and focused more on Dubai action episodes to give a different feel from the “Agnyaathavaasi” or “Largo Winch”.

Since the Indian remake rights of this French movie are with T Series company, Sujeeth will not face any lawsuit. 

But his explanation about plagiarism charges is quite silly.


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