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Sujeeth Has Clammed Up, Here's Why

Sujeeth Has Clammed Up, Here's Why

Is it fair to attack the Saaho director Sujeeth Reddy alone for the way the film finally shaped up?

From what one hears the film’s leading man Prabhas was as hands-on during the making of the film as Sujeeth.

“They kept encouraging and cheering on each other throughout the film, and Prabhas thought each and every frame of the film was a masterpiece,” informs a source close to the film.

In fact, sources say, Prabhas has agreed to do another film with Sujeeth the earliest. What happens to that promise now? I wonder!

It is sad and rather unfair to let Sujeeth take all the flak. He is young reckless enthusiastic impetuous about the super-hero comic books he grew up reading.

Saaho is meant to be a tribute to all of Sujeeth’s childhood fantasies. Before approving of the script Prabhas and the producers should have matched their own definitions of cinematic entertainment with Sujeeth.

Now the entire team is laying all the blame at Sujeeth’s doorstep, leaving the young director traumatized and uncertain about the future.

Of course he won’t speak. What will he say?

When I contacted him he texted me back saying, “I don’t want to talk to anyone, Sir. Let the movie talk foritself.”

And he ended with chilling finality saying, “Thank you for everything.”

But hang on, Sujeeth, the show is not over. It’s just started.


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