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Sudigali Sudheer Is Better Than Many Heroes

Sudigali Sudheer Is Better Than Many Heroes

The opening collections of the film have become crucial in Tollywood business.,

Keeping the subsequent result aside, the remunerations for the heroes depend mainly on the opening craze for their films.

The distribution and the sale of rights also depend on the opening collections.

These days many small and medium range films have come up with heroes like Sudheer Babu, Vishwak Sen, Allari Naresh, Vishnu Manchu and Allu Sirish. But they had poor or below average openings.

But Sudigali Sudheer's film has made a record. He has no backing of a big family or a big banner. But still distributors came forward to buy his film.

Though the producers thought of selling the Uttrandhra rights for Rs 36 lakh, the distributors competed among themselves and bought for 40 lakhs. The film also got a huge opening.

Though this was not a great film with content, it could garner more than Rs 70 lakh of collection in Uttarandhra.

At least now, the heroes shouldn't run behind heroism but focus on social media. They should know who has real craze among the public and make films with them. Only then, the small producers can see some gain.


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