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Prashanth Neel is Ready for the Big Challenge

Prashanth Neel is Ready for the Big Challenge

The shooting of "Salaar 2" is set to begin in just two weeks, with Prashanth Neel's team assembling in Hyderabad to start preparations.

As previously mentioned, Prashanth Neel will commence work with the main cast members in the last week of May, even if Prabhas is unavailable. However, completing the entire shooting process in five months will be a significant challenge.

Prabhas and Neel have committed to finishing the film's entire shoot by November. After that, Neel will need to concentrate on post-production. Both Prabhas and Neel are eager to release the film during the summer holidays in 2025.

Neel is confident in his ability to complete the extensive action drama within this tight timeframe. He is also prepared to use multiple filming units if necessary.


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