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Opinion: Badha Krishna's Goebbels History Book

Opinion: Badha Krishna's Goebbels History Book

Badhakrishna's Vintha Paluku knows no boundaries. He loves to take any turn and try to prove some nonsense as truth. He is now in the process of writing a Goebbels History of TDP and NTR.

He mentioned that NTR never cared for Indira Gandhi and he is the only leader with guts who went into loggerheads with her. But he didn't mention that the same NTR was badly backstabbed by his own son in law. Badkakrishna didn't explain why the intelligence and guts that worked in the case of fighting Indira Gandhi didn't work in the matter of tasting Chandrababu's poison.

Fact of the matter is NTR got huge support from Eenadu Ramoji Rao in the initial days of his political career. NTR could combat Indira Gandhi only with that power. Eventually when that media house felt that their business equations would be better with Chandrababu and switched loyalties, NTR's valor couldn't do anything.

Chandrababu who verbally attacked Narendra Modi during the 2019 election campaign is not daring to attack him now. Because losing the power can make the so called Chanakya a dumb person.

Badhakrishna wrote that the integrity during the days of Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy is not seen now. But he might have lost some facts to his dementia. NTR never resigned to boast his integrity when the High Court filed eight charge sheets on him.

Badhakrishna who is lamenting about the loans taken by the present government never worried about Chandrababu doing the same in his tenure.

Without any development activity in the state, Chandrababu brought Rs 2 lakh crore loan and ditched the state badly.

Badhakrihna who cries foul about the welfare schemes of YSRCP government never utters a single word about Chandrababu distributing Rs 30,000 Cr as pasupu kumkuma scheme before the elections.

When the history is partly said and partly hidden, that becomes a totally different book. Spreading the false aura of someone and propagating it by inspiring from the Goebbels propaganda of Hitler's regime is the practice followed by Badhakrishna. He is now in the process of writing his Goebbels History of TDP.

Kathik Vegesna


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