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Naga Babu Admits His Mistake!

Naga Babu Admits His Mistake!

Naga Babu, Pawan Kalyan's brother and Jana Sena party secretary, has faced controversy several times for his public and social media statements.

He has a long history of retracting his statements in the face of criticism.

He has done it again. A day after the Andhra Pradesh assembly elections, Naga Babu obliquely warned Allu Arjun against supporting a YSRCP candidate in Nandyal.

"One who works for our opponents is considered a rival, even if that person is one of our own members," he posted on Twitter, sparking heated debate.

Although he did not name anyone, it was assumed that he was targeting his nephew Allu Arjun, who had gone to Nandyal to show his support for a YSRCP candidate.

Allu Arjun stated that he was supporting YSRCP candidate Shilpa Ravi because he was a dear friend.

At a time when spouses work for different political parties and brothers run against each other in elections, Naga Babu's threat to Allu Arjun for supporting a YSRCP member was considered absurd and immature.

Naga Babu was heavily trolled and soon deactivated his account.

The trolling intensified when he deactivated his social media accounts. Today, he returned to Twitter and stated that he had deleted his earlier tweet.

He wrote, "I have deleted my tweet."

Thus, Naga Babu acknowledged that his tweet was incorrect and that he had made a mistake. Allu Arjun triumphed over Naga Babu.


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