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KCR's new drama to demolish Secretariat!

KCR's new drama to demolish Secretariat!

Telangana CM KCR is enacting a new drama to demolish Secretariat buildings and build a new Secretariat in its place by spending Rs 1,000 crore.

KCR's himself announced earlier that the existing Secretariat has 'bad vastu' and for that reason he wants to demolish it and construct a new one.

KCR's statement not only invited public wrath but also attracted legal cases with various petitions filed in High Court against demolition of Secretariat and wastage of thousands of crores of public money for vastu reasons.

Having realised that his 'vastu reason' will not stand legal scrutiny, KCR enacted a new drama by appointing a technical committee comprising of officials from Roads and Buildings Department and another cabinet sub committee comprising of his ministers to study the condition of existing Secretariat and make recommendations to government on what to do on this issue.

Now a student of LKG can also easily guess what reports the technical committee and cabinet sub committee will give?

Can anyone expect these committees to give recommendations that the existing Secretariat should not be demolished against KCR wishes?

As expected the technical committee gave a report to cabinet sub committee recommending demolition of Secretariat and construct a new one.

The cabinet sub committee went through this report and came up with its own report recommending demolition of Secretariat and construct a new one in its place.

Both these committees cite 'lack of fire safety measures' in existing Secretariat for demolition.

If fire safety is the only issue, how come several CMs from the past 70 years worked from the same Secretariat in Undivided AP.

Even KCR worked as transport minister in Chandrababu Naidu cabinet in  late1990s from the same Secretariat. Was there is any major fire accident in Secretariat in the last 70 years.

KCR enancted 'fire safety drama' after he realised that his 'vastu reasons' will not stand legal scrutiny in courts.

Now, he wants to submit both these reports to High Court in support of his argument that the Secretariat should be demolished.

KCR released the cabinet sub committee report recommending demolition of Secretariat to media at midnight yesterday as if entire hell will break loose if it is released the next day. This shows how keen KCR is to demolish Secretariat for his personal vastu reasons.

Everyone knows why KCR wants new Secretariat and new Assembly. The only reason is that he wants to erase the memory of Undivided AP CMs who used this Secretariat and Assembly.

The other reason is KCR does not want to use these buildings and does not want to sit in the chambers and chairs used by Undivided AP CMs and want to satisfy his ego by demolishing them and build new ones at the cost of public exchequer.

Strangely, KCR is now talking about economic recession, the need to have financial discipline and curb expenditure while at the same time going ahead with Secretariat demolition and constructing new one by wasting Rs 1,000 crore public money to satisfy his ego and take grudge against Undivided AP CMs.

Only God should save poor Telangana people and Telangana State from the clutches of a person like KCR, who is least bothered to demolish ten big building blocks in Secretariat which are in a condition to serve for at least five more decades and which are worth hundreds of crores of rupees.



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