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Kammas Upset With Jagapathi Babu Statement

Kammas Upset With Jagapathi Babu Statement

Members of the Kamma community are expressing their displeasure with statements made by Telugu film actor Jagapathi Babu.

In a recent interview, Jagapathi Babu shared an incident from 15 years ago where he was advised by the principal of Siddhartha College in Vijayawada not to speak out against caste due to the presence of around 2,000 caste extremists among the student body.

The clip of this part of the interview has gone viral on social media, causing outrage among some members of the Kamma community.

Some feel that Jagapathi Babu has unfairly targeted their community, while others acknowledge his stance against caste but ask that he be more mindful of his words and actions.

The community's perception is that they have been unfairly portrayed and criticized, causing deep sadness and frustration.


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