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Director Plays With CBN Using Number 23

Director Plays With CBN Using Number 23

It's no secret that Chandrababu Naidu has a bad connection with the number 23, a well-known fact among followers of Andhra Pradesh politics.

Director Ram Gopal Varma is once again evoking this sentiment, and there's a specific reason behind it.

TDP leaders attempted to obstruct RGV's 'Vyooham', prompting serious attention from Lokesh, who even pursued legal action. However, the path has now been cleared for the release of the film "Vyooham".

Yet, the focus isn't solely on this development.

The film is scheduled for release on the 23rd, generating considerable buzz. In view of the release on the 23rd of this month, RGV has revived the '23 sentiment' associated with Chandrababu.

He highlighted various instances where the number 23 seemed to trouble Chandrababu, from the 23 MLAs he grabbed from YCP to the 23 seats he secured in subsequent elections.

RGV even alluded to the same date of Babu's purported arrest in the skill development case.

By drawing parallels between Chandrababu's past encounters with the number 23 and the release date of his film 'Vyooham', RGV has intensified his teasing.

Hinting that the film 'Vyooham' will be released in theaters close to Nara Lokesh, Chandrababu, and Pawan Kalyan, RGV has taken his playful jibes to the next level with this numerical reference.


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