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AOA Exposes Scams Of Matrimonial Sites

AOA Exposes Scams Of Matrimonial Sites

Allari Naresh is hopeful of his latest flick Aa Okkati Adakku to succeed in entertaining all sections of audiences. He will be seen in the role of a registrar in the movie helmed by Malli Ankam on Chilaka Productions.

Allari Naresh in his exclusive interview with reveals that the title glimpse won’t be part of the movie. “The glimpse was meant to say that marriage is a Pan India problem. The protagonist in the movie wishes to get married, only after getting settled in life with a good job. Since it’s already late, he doesn’t get many marriage proposals.”

The actor affirms that girls have become very choosy of late. “Everyone is thinking about their standard of life. My father registered my profile on the matrimonial site. He was very close to Chalapathi Rao garu. In fact, it was Chalapathi Rao garu who brought the match for my marriage.”

Interestingly, Aa Okkati Adakku was Naresh’s first movie as a child artist. “I didn’t know much when I did my first movie. Coincidentally, Rajadhi Raja was the first song in dad’s movie. Similarly, there is Rajadhi Raja song in my movie which will show Pelli Choopulu of the protagonist.”

Revealing further about the story, Naresh affirms, “My character fights with society and law system, as many are trying to stop my marriage. The movie is all about how many scams are happening in the name of marriage. Every year, 2500 Cr is spent on marriages. Marriage indeed is a 2 trillion business. 1.20 cr people register their profiles every year on matrimonial sites. The movie also discusses the breach of privacy and some other issues.”

Naresh discloses his plans to do a sequel for Sudigadu. “People in the north recognize me because of Sudigadu. Anil Ravipudi was one of the writers for the movie. He gave me an idea for the sequel. I also have another idea. We are working on it.”

Watch the full interview here where Allari Naresh discussed many other topics:


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