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AOA Day 1: Highest For Allari Naresh

AOA Day 1: Highest For Allari Naresh

The entertaining promotional material and also the reason that Allari Naresh acted in a wholesome entertainer after a long time, Aa Okkati Adakku started well.

The movie directed by Malli Ankam collected a worldwide gross of 1.62 Cr+ on its opening day, which is highest for Naresh in recent times.

Apart from hilarious entertainment, the movie has a strong message about scams of matrimony sites.

The movie pleases family audiences with its content and the entertainment quotient. In fact, it’s the only humorous movie among other releases this week.

Allari Naresh played the role of an aging registrar officer in this movie produced by Rajiv Chilaka.

The producer is winning appreciation for grand production values in his maiden production venture.

As the trend suggests, Aa Okkati Adakku will have a good first weekend.


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