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Buzz: Pawan Kalyan's Political Costs On Producers

Buzz: Pawan Kalyan's Political Costs On Producers

The lifestyle of film stars is expensive. Not for them, but the producers who work with them.

The stars sign on an agreement, demand the maximum and still expect some 'extras' from the producers. 

Generally producers feel like finishing the project as soon as possible not just to save the interests on the  finance but also to avoid the unprecedented 'extras'. Adding to the woes, if the star is into politics, then the 'extras' will be going out of the way. 

The star in discussion here is Powerstar Pawan Kalyan. 

Sources say that Pawan Kalyan has billed enough to Dil Raju towards the costs of his political trips during the shoot of 'Vakeel Saab', and now the producers of 'Ayyappayum Kozhiyum' remake are at the spending end.

"Costs of vehicles, bouncers, their general refreshments and food has to be taken care of by the producer himself. Apart from this, the producer has to sit along with the star in the sets of the shoot under any circumstances, otherwise the star feels insulted. This is the case not just with Pawan Kalyan but with any big star", said an insider from the sets of Ayyappayum Kozhiyum.

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