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Buzz: Director Shocks Quoting Rs 50 Cr Remuneration

Buzz: Director Shocks Quoting Rs 50 Cr Remuneration

Young director who shot to national fame with his superhit film is now attracting Tollywood producers who are approaching him for collaboration on any project.

The remuneration he is asking to direct a film is an incredible Rs 50 Cr. Well, that's not the end. He is also demanding an additional share in the profit.

If this is the kind of expectation he is holding with just a single hit, then he is close to hitting the ground.

A producer says, "This young director feels like Rajamouli but in actual sense, he is not of that caliber. Rajamouli himself sees that he and the producer should equally share the profit in the end. But this young director demanding Rs 50 Cr plus a share in profit is ludicrous."

Indeed, even top-notch directors like Trivikram are not demanding such a whopping remuneration. It's really shocking to know the expectations of this young guy. He may be thinking to earn more than Rs 100 Cr with the next one or two films.

Well, 'speed thrills but kills,' not only on the road but also in a career.


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