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Officer: Biggest Disaster In Tollywood

Officer: Biggest Disaster In Tollywood

Nagarjuna-RGV film had flop talk even before the film's release. Once the film released, it was clear that the film had no chance at the box-office. But the latest buzz is that it is not the biggest flop. It is the biggest disaster in Tollywood.

Not just in Nagarjuna's career, but even in Tollywood, it is among all time top 5 disasters of Telugu film industry.

The film that could not at least collect Rs 9 lakh on the opening day in both states, has finally concluded its run. The film that released on June 1, could not sustain its run even for a week.

Right now the film has been taken off theatres in key areas. Though the occupancy is low during morning and matinee shows, the film is completely off theatres now. Finally, the film went off theatres with Rs 75 lakh share. 

It's embarassing that the film hasn't made even Rs 1 crore. Even Nag's stardom could not help the film's fate. But buyers who bought the film for Rs 3.5 crore banking on Nagarjuna's charisma are the ones who are totally doomed. 



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