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    Hero And Heroine Shocked A Telugu Association In USA
    They say that there is enough in this world to quench the needs of humans but not their greed.
    Allu Arjun To Play The 'Mahabharata' Character?
    Director Aditya Dhar's ambitious project, The Immortal Ashwatthama, which has been caught in uncertainty for the past few years, seems to be back on track.
    Editor Certifies The Movie As Worst?
    There is a movie featuring a young hero which is being made as a pakka mass film. The film is nearly complete, with just one more week and ten days of shooting left.
    Naga Chaitanya Disappointed with Custody's Result
    Naga Chaitanya genuinely believed that they had a fantastic film on their hands, and he went all out to promote Custody.
    Pawan Kalyan to Put a Stop to Shootings
    Pawan Kalyan announced at a press conference in Mangalagiri today that if early elections for the Andhra Pradesh assembly are held, he will halt filming in June and focus on his party.
    Harish Shankar Sets A Record In Overaction?
    Harish Shankar has shot the film Ustaad Bhagat Singh with Pawan Kalyan for only three days so far and has been unable to schedule further dates with the star.
    Tollywood Men Going Mad For Sreeleela?
    Sreeleela has become the most sought-after name in Tollywood, but her sudden stardom has left her vulnerable to gossip and speculation.
    Mythri Abandons Bollywood Plans
    The IT raids on Mythri offices last month shook Tollywood and Bollywood alike.
    Bunny To Rescue Surender Reddy?
    Director Surender Reddy had to work hard to revive his career after the failure of his film Agent. The question now is, who will give him another chance?
    Telugu Producers! Beware Of This Tamil Hero
    Tollywood producers are eager to make films. But it is difficult to get the dates of existing Telugu heroes as everybody is busy with lined up films.
    Anil Sunkara Lost Rs 150 Cr So Far?
    In Tollywood, it is rare to see any producer getting positive talk from all other producers. Some may express positive feedback publicly while biting ears differently behind the scenes.
    Dil Raju Lost Rs 22 Cr With Shakuntalam?
    Dil Raju is regarded as a lucky hand in Tollywood. He is known as an ace producer and distributor.
    Buzz: Editor Puts Holes To Producers' Pockets?
    The film industry is divided into different departments. Even now it is same but a few are more interconnected.
    Shocking Properties And Net Worth Of Samantha
    According to a report, Samantha Ruth Prabhu's net worth is astounding. Undoubtedly, she is one of the most successful actresses in the South, with a string of hit films to her name.
    Directors Behind Money Making But Not Film Making
    We have directors who score hits with the combination of right hero, heroine, supporting actors, technical support, cinematography, and co-direction.
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