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    Is Dil Raju Stepping Into Politics?
    Politics attract the film personalities as they always tend to feel that their popularity becomes an added advantage to win in elections and thus exercise some constitutional power in their life.
    Over Hyped Nazriya Failed To Impress
    Nazriya, the talented Malayalam actress, who also happens to be the wife of popular actor Fahad Fazil paired up with Nani for 'Ante Sundaraniki'.
    Balakrishna's Heights Of Astro Sentiment
    It was Nandamuri Balakrishna's birthday yesterday. Fans awaited the release of new title 'Jai Balayya' by Mythri Movies.
    Buzz: Ante...Nani Bagged Rs 15 Cr
    'Ante Sundaraniki' was released and started its run. Keeping the good and bad in the film aside, the industry sources say that the film fetched a fat amount for Nani.
    Buzz: Actress Gets Relieved from Her Problem!
    A Telugu-Tamil actress has a peculiar problem. Son of a highly-influential family in a southern state likes her. He has an infatuation with her.
    Chiranjeevi Takes Lead in Settling Losses
    Megastar Chiranjeevi is back to work. Soon after returning from his month-long vacation, Chiranjeevi has begun a series of meetings with the teams of his various projects on the sets.
    Buzz: Samantha Says 'No' To Act With Rashmika
    Samantha is the top actress who has a commendable track record and national fame ever since her 'Family man'.
    Sharwanand On A Mission To Correct His Body
    After a series of flops, actor Sharwanand has finally realized the follies he made. Besides selecting bad scripts, Sharwanand didn’t care about his physical appearance.
    Buzz: Mahesh Babu Angry With S Thaman
    S Thaman has been flying high for quite some time with number one status. Right now he is still in the place but a top hero's anger is putting him in disappointment.
    New Technique of Young Heroes From Big Families
    Many heroes keep coming from Tollywood families to test their luck on the screen. But only a few succeed and rest of them go unnoticed in due course of time.
    Mahesh Babu Angry With Dil Raju?
    There is a new gossip that is making rounds in the industry. It seems that Mahesh Babu is angry with Dil Raju.
    Beautiful Actress Finds Steady Boyfriend!
    A beautiful Telugu actress has plans to get married in a couple of years and is looking for a steady relationship.
    Buzz: Hero's 'No' To Act Beside This Heroine
    She is a popular heroine. She pulled the attention of everyone with a single superhit during the corona times.
    Pawan Kalyan Puts Breaks to Vinodaya Sitham
    Pawan Kalyan is in confusion about the call sheets of his upcoming films.
    Trivikram and Mahesh Demand Rs 25 Cr
    Director Trivikram and Mahesh Babu’s movie will start rolling soon. But the business deals have already begun even before the first scene was filmed.
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