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    Rs 15 Lakh For Acting Or 'Anything'?
    For many entering the film industry, the goal is to achieve success and earn big. But the competition is fierce, luck is scarce, and opportunities are limited.
    Kalki: Views May Be Organic But Impact Not Fantastic
    The makers of Kalki 2898 AD claim that all the views generated for the latest trailer of the film are organic and not paid.
    Successful Balayya Hits 34 Crores Mark!
    Among senior heroes, Balakrishna stands out not only for continuously making films but also for accepting reasonable remuneration.
    Trivikram To Quit Movies With These Election Results?
    There is widespread speculation in the film industry that Trivikram will step away from film direction as the Alliance won the election and Pawan Kalyan turned victorious in Pithapuram and also going to secure a seat in the Assembly as a Minister.
    Pitiful Situation Of Ram Charan's 'Game Changer'
    Director Shankar is currently occupied with the post-production and promotional activities for Indian 2.
    Pushpa 2 Songs: Viral Views or Paid Promotion!?
    The second song from Pushpa 2 received millions of views and hundreds of thousands of likes within 24 hours of its release.
    NTR Applying Mahesh Babu's Formula?
    We can imagine the kind of damage the film Guntur Kaaram might have caused to Mahesh Babu's market had he not lined up his next film with Rajamouli.
    Buzz: Ram And Ravikishore Relatonship Strained?
    Gossip is rife in Tollywood, and the latest rumor is that the bond between hero Ram and his uncle Sravanti Ravikishore is strained.
    Krish Doing Same Mistake Again
    Where is director Krish's career heading? If there is one major mistake he has made, it might be shooting Hari Hara Veera Mallu with Pawan Kalyan.
    'Queen Pins' in Tollywood Flesh Trade
    It has been widely discussed that the sexual exploitation of girls under the guise of offering film acting opportunities is common everywhere.
    Young Producer Lusts Anchor For Her Beauty?
    Anchoring is not just about words. Except for a few highly talented individuals like Suma, anchoring often requires a bit of glamour.
    Funny Remuneration Demand Of These Heroes
    Looking at the remunerations of some mid-range heroes, it's a bit surprising.
    Mythri Loses 25 Crore Due To Bollywood Hero?
    Recently, numerous news articles have surfaced about actor Ranveer Singh working with Hanuman director Prashanth Varma.
    Budget Tensions Of A Mid Range Hero's 'Big' Film
    This is a mid-range movie considering the hero, but the budget is escalating to the level of a big-budget film.
    Samantha And Sai Pallavi With Vijay Devarakonda?
    Vijay Deverakonda announced two films simultaneously. He is going to work on one film under the direction of Ravi Kiran Kola and another film with Rahul Sankrityan.
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