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T.A.T.A celebrates Women's Day with style in Dallas

T.A.T.A celebrates Women's Day with style in Dallas

Telangana American Telugu Association (T.A.T.A) successfully hosted Women’s day celebrations event on Saturday March 10th, 2019 at Kuchipudi Indian Kitchen in Irving, TX.

A mark of respect to each Woman who is the only irreplaceable entity. A person often mute, yet a person who puts the family moving each day! It was befitting tribute to womankind often forgotten.

The event organizers from Telangana America Telugu Association felt Women deserve more and special on this day and conducted one of its kind event.

The event was steered by Sunitha Reddy Tripuram, Regional Vice-President from Dallas, TX and coordinated by other leaders Neelohita Kotha (TATA Joint-Secretary), Mahesh Adibatla (TATA Executive Director), Chandra Reddy Police (Board of Director), Sameera Illendula, Roopa Kannayyagari, Shanti Nuti, Vandana Gouru, Deepthi Suryadevara, Pavan Gangadhara, Sharath Reddy Yerram, , Rathna Vuppala, Vamsi Krishna, Sridhar Kumbala, Sharath Punreddy, Vinod Boyapati, Niranjan Booditha, Srinivas Tula, Sridhar Kancharla, Srikanth Routhu among other leaders from the community.

The women attendees felt the event injected and instilled confidence, leadership qualities and that these organization promotes cohesiveness.

The event started with devotional Song and was compered by Sameera Illendula. This year TATA Women’s day theme is 80’s. All the women came in 80’s ethnic wear. Women actively participated in fashion show and selfie games.

Chief guest of the event South Lake Mayor Laura Hill gave very motivational speech followed by another guest speaker Mimi Tran shared her cancer survival story which is a great inspiration to all the women. Events included group dances, singing, fashion show with 80’s theme and a host of games.

Over 300 attendees were present and felt it was one of its kind event. Speaking at the occasion President for T.A.T.A Vikram Reddy Jangam claimed that women are a pillar of strength and said a woman has infinite forms accomplishing many tasks each day.

There were vendor booths and a mesmerizing event filled the air through the event. The attendees genuinely felt that more such events should be held so as to connect with the community.



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