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TRS doesn't tolerate negative news at all!

TRS doesn't tolerate negative news at all!

It appears Telangana Rashtra Samithi is claiming to have complete patent rights over Telangana so much so that it treats anybody who speaks against it is anti-Telangana.

It doesn’t tolerate any political or social organization making negative comments against the government or the TRS. And it indulges in either arm-twisting or attacking the negative stories published in the media.

It has been evident from the way the TRS government was suppressing agitations by students, parents, social organisations, NGOs and opposition parties in protest against the alleged goofs-up in the declaration of Intermediate examination results.

It did not even allow the parents and leaders to observe candle light rally on the tank bund to pay homage to the souls of Intermediate students who committed suicide.

In another example, Namasthe Telangana, the mouthpiece of TRS, published a strong rejoinder to a “negative report” that appeared in Eenadu, popular Telugu daily on the state high court’s observations against forcible evacuation of villagers of Etigadda Kishtapur falling under Mallannasagar Project, which is part of Kaleshwaram major irrigation project on Godavari river.

Eenadu reported that the high court had asked the officials not to disturb the villagers and shift all the machinery including JCB excavators, tractors and other material and men undertaking earth works for the Mallannasagar project.

This was viewed as a blasphemy by Namasthe Telangana. It accused Eenadu of distorting facts, misinterpret high court orders and deliberately avoiding the court comments on the project. Wondering why only Eenadu reported it in a negative angle while all the other media houses reported positively.

So, Namasthe Telangana has alleged that Eenadu was against the Mallannasagar project and the prosperity of Telangana under KCR leadership. It wondered whether Eenadu would write similar stories about Polavaram project.

Well, if Eenadu has written something that went against the high court comments, it will face the contempt case from the court. And there is the government which can issue a rejoinder if it was a false report.

There is absolutely no need for Namasthe Telangana to attack Eenadu and attribute motives to it.

Secondly, Eenadu has been giving the biggest publicity to the TRS government than any other media house. In fact, no other paper had written so many stories on Kaleshwaram project than what Eenadu had written.

How can Namasthe Telangana say Eenadu is against Telangana or TRS government, let alone planning to stop the projects?

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